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About Us

As the world’s leading Online Music Academy, we’ve assembled a world-class  team of instructors and performers from all over the US who are passionate about sharing their love of music with students young and old. We’d love to share that same passion with you, and help make you the confident, natural player you’ve always wanted to be.


Learn to play effortlessly on any instrument. We offer lessons in the following categories:

Why Choose Us


When learning something new, you want instructors with a proven track record of success. You can rest assured your Etudes Academy instructor will have the credentials and experience necessary to take you to the next level - regardless of where you're starting from.

Lessons that
come to you

Cut the commute and add some convenience to your music lessons experience. Online lessons go with you anywhere, and save you time and money over traditional in-person lessons from a music school or studio.


As an Etudes Academy student, you'll benefit from instructors who have college degrees and years of experience as professional performers in their field. In addition, you'll get access to unrivaled Artist workshops and masterclasses to supplement your learning along the way - just one of the perks of being an Etudes Academy member!

Custom Tailored

Each student receives one on one private instruction from an amazing instructor who learns your goals, sets a success roadmap with you, and helps hold you accountable to those goals each and every week. On top of that - you'll access all your learning materials online, in a secure portal built just for you!

Online Lessons... Do They Work?

Student Testimonials

“From when I started I didn’t know anything about the guitar and now I know a lot. This is my first year playing guitar but it's been really fun learning. I like how organized my music is online. My pieces are really easy to find all in one place. I just have to click on my music and practice over the week. Online lessons work!
Beverly C.
“I learned so much from my teachers at etudes.co! Went from barely playing a few chords, to feeling confident playing many full songs in front of others. Can't recommend highly enough!”
Kristy L.
“The hints you give me as we go along are very helpful in terms of helping me solve a number of musical problems. The chief benefit is the accountability aspect. I tried working on my own, but having that accountability ensures I make consistent progress towards my goals.”
Chris C.

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