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Over 500 Years of Music

Access an ever-growing library of interactive sheet music & replace books, scattered files and messy piles of paper forever.

HD Performance Videos

Show you exactly how it should look and sound. Watch pros play each piece in multiple angles (right hand, left hand, both hands, and more) and take your learning to new heights.

Concise Video Tutorials

Let's be honest. 90 Minute tutorials aren't really all that helpful. Our 1-2 minute tutorials are tailored for today's students, and designed to give you just enough to keep moving forward.

More Music, Than Sheet Music

Play along with sheet music that plays back. Loop sections, change tempos, and visualize every note to learn any piece fast.

Realistic Virtual Instrument Playback Engine

Learn Faster With Built-In Note Visualization

Built-In Metronome for Tempo Practice

Set the Tempo, Loop Sections, and more


Every Note Tells a Story


Every Note Tells a Story

Multi-Angle performance videos show you every note so you don't miss a thing.

HD Performances, Captured in 3+ Angles

Easily switch between different angles - right in the middle of the song - without losing your place! Right and Left Hand views - right at your fingertips.

100% Synced, Note for Note

Each video is synced up with the digital sheet music to show you exactly what to play at each point along the way.

Slow it Down, Loop Sections, and more

Slow down the video to break down every movement and fingering. Learning from the pros has never been this easy.

Taking the Mystery out of Mastery

Concise technique videos filmed by world-class educators.

Only What You Need

Our unique library automatically populates videos for every piece - the exact techniques you need. Nothing more or less.

60-Second Demo & Exercise Videos

Our to-the-point videos breakdown the precise movements of every technique, then we give you the perfect exercises to master each one.

Mastery, Made Simple

Don't waste time searching the internet for tips and techniques. We bring it all to you in short, easy to understand videos so you can master your goals with ease.


"ETUDES.CO is a great place for students and teachers to connect, and learn."

Isaac Bustos
UTSA, Texas Guitar Quartet

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Search Anything. Find the Perfect Thing.

The world's most powerful music search engine, so you can find the right thing, fast.

Search the Exact Technique You Need

Narrow Results by Era, Composer, Style, and more...

Unlock Hidden Works from Over 500 Years of Music - In Just a Few Seconds

Uncover Hidden Gems - Powered by Ai

A world-first, our technology uses Ai to automatically examine each piece of music, then recommend etudes with similar techniques and difficulty ratings so you can keep growing and learning every step of the way.

Discover New, Hidden Pieces to Learn

Easily Extend Your Repertoire

Powerful AI Recommends Music to Help You Grow

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Context: Everywhere


Context: Everywhere

Get the full picture. Music History & Theory context for every piece in our Library

Deliver Informed Performances

As professional music educators, we know how important theory and history knowledge can be to creating beautiful performances that can be enjoyed by all.

Become a Theory Wiz

With the smartest music theory data in the industry. Instantly know every key signature, meter, forms, and more for every piece in our library.

...and a History Buff

We didn't stop at theory. We contextualize every piece within it's historical period, and provide composer bios so you can dive even deeper.

"ETUDES.CO is a valuable collaborative resource for guitar students, their peers, and their teachers. I'm looking forward to continued developments as they provide new pathways leading to what I hope will be guitar education at its best in the 21st century."

Stephen Mattingly
University of Louisville, Tantalus Quartet

"This is just so many different kinds of awesome. An incredibly valuable resource for literally every member of the guitar community."

Jonathan Dotson
DMA, Performing & Recording Artist

"ETUDES.CO is a new portal you all should check out!"

Mak Grgić
International Performing & Recording Artist

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"Excellent learning from the best teachers. They are wonderful and I take away a lot of inspiration for improving my playing."

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Daniel H.
University Student

"Awesome!! This is such a cool resource I wish I had known about sooner! I'm gonna use it all the time now"


Sonya R.

"Thank you very much for for making learning tangible, from experts I would never have had the opportunity to meet or hear."

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