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Here’s how etudes.co is different from any other platform you’ve seen before:

Ai-Powered Digital Library

Lose the books & binders. Take centuries of sheet music and the world's first intelligent recommendation engine with you wherever you go.

Artist Classes

Get access to many of the world's greatest artists through our live digital masterclasses, workshops, and events.


Get your questions answered by teachers and peers in our growing community of passionate and engaged musicians.

Skill Builders

Reach new heights with courses specifically designed to give you the skills you need to master your instrument.

Practice Tools

Interactive sheet music tools that allow you to practice alongside the notes, change tempos, loop sections, and more.

Short Videos

TL;DR: Our 1-3 minute HD performamce and tutorial videos are perfect for today's students. Same info. Less time.

Ditch Books & Binders, Forever.

Access 500+ years of music from any device, and do away with messy binders and loose pages – for good.

See and hear every note

With our interactive sheet music player, every note tells a story – helping you to learn faster and get it right the first time.

Level Up Your Practice Routine - and Your skills

Advanced practice tools like section looping, setting the tempo, and a built-in metronome will take your practice time – and your skills – to another level.

Never Get Stuck Again - thanks to Ai

Our Ai-Powered Related Etudes Engine recommends new pieces to play based on specific skills and difficulty ratings – making it easier than ever to know exactly what to play next, so you never have to get stuck again.

Stop Endlessly Scrolling

Not just another music library, we're a full blown music discovery engine, helping you find new music quickly - without the endless scrolling.

No 30 Minute Lessons Here

We understand today's students, and think technology should make life easier. That's why our hundreds of tutorial videos have an average length of just over 60 seconds. Get what you need and move on with your life... (or watch it again).

Never Go It Alone

Our growing community of peers, teachers, and enthusiasts are here to make sure your questions get answered, and that you're never alone in your journey toward mastery.

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