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And dive deeper with tips & tricks she couldn't share in the masterclass
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"Foundations to Mastery"
with Gohar Vardanyan

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How to Start Your Practice with Good Technique

Ever wondered if there is a "right way" to warm up - one that sets up the rest of your practice time for success? Well, there is! And Gohar will show you exactly how in this Exclusive Workshop.

Exact Exercises Gohar Uses to Develop Great Technique

Gohar will open up and teach you the exact exercises she used (and still uses!) to develop her incredible technique - and she'll show you exactly how to implement them into your practice routine.
These exercises truly will transform your playing!

sheet music between guitar strings

Instant Access to Learn from Gohar

With instant access to this workshop, you can grab your guitar and get ready to take your playing to the next level - immediately!

"Gohar's pointers regarding basic mechanics for use of the right hand is going to solve an a, m finger combination difficulty which has held back my playing for decades..."

"I enjoyed the informal and laid-back nature of the presentation format. It made the event feel less “academic” and more “conversational'"

-Adam P.

"It was an excellent format. I like the way that you encourage people to share their camera, as this way it is more engaging."

-Clyde C.

"The format was good. Explanation of the technique/exercise including the purpose...followed by demonstration."

-Alvin E.

Meet The Artist:

Gohar Vardanyan

Widely admired for her technique, artistry, and passionate performances Armenian guitarist Gohar Vardanyan has performed throughout the United States and internationally. She has performed for numerous guitar societies, universities, and arts organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and guitar societies in Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, and New York City to name a few. She has appeared on National Public Radio in the United States and Radio Nacional in Argentina. Ms. Vardanyan has performed with the Juilliard Opera Center and as a soloist with the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra and Panama National Symphony Orchestra. She has also been a guest artist at International Guitar Festivals in Sweden, Italy, Panama, Canada, and Mexico. She has been featured on the cover of Classical Guitar Magazine, and her playing has been described as “passionate,” “evocative,” and “virtuosic.”

In addition to her performing career, Ms. Vardanyan is an avid teacher. She maintains a private studio in New York City and frequently teaches master classes and guitar technique workshops during her concert travels.  Ms. Vardanyan is an author of four books from Mel Bay Publication and has an extensive list of instructional guitar videos on both her own and the Strings by Mail channels on YouTube.

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