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"You CAN Play Fast.. Unlock the Secrets of Speed and Accuracy"

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"You CAN Play Fast..."

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How to Start Your Practice with Good Technique

Ever wondered if there is a "right way" to warm up - one that sets up the rest of your practice time for success? Well, there is! And Tariq will show you exactly how in this Exclusive Workshop.

Exact Exercises Tariq Uses to Develop 3 CORE Areas of Technique

Tariq will open up his years of experience and show you exactly what exercises he uses to develop the 3 most important areas of your playing: Rhythmic Accuracy, Articulation, & Dynamic Control.
These exercises truly will transform your playing!

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"The closest thing to a private lesson with a MASTER Guitarist you can get for $49..."

"I enjoyed the informal and laid-back nature of the presentation format. It made the event feel less “academic” and more “conversational'"

-Adam P.

"It was an excellent format. I like the way that you encourage people to share their camera, as this way it is more engaging."

-Clyde C.

"The format was good. Explanation of the technique/exercise including the purpose...followed by demonstration."

-Alvin E.

Meet The Artist:

Tariq Harb

After winning both the First Prize and the Audience Choice Award in the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition, the First Prize in the Montreal International Classical Guitar Competition, and the ‘Governor of Tokyo’ prize in the Tokyo International Classical Guitar Competition, Tariq Harb quickly established himself as one of the leading classical guitarists of his generation. “In record time, Tariq Harb’s masterful command of melody and emotion shot him into the upper ranks of classical guitarists.” (TED Global) His playing demonstrates “not just his flawless technique but also his refined taste and a great, innate sense for truly beautiful interpretation.” (The Jordan Times) Chosen as CBC Radio’s NEXT! guitarist in 2013, he was celebrated as “Canada’s next classical guitar superstar” and was showcased performing at the Glenn Gould studios in Canada, which helped further propel his career worldwide.

Take Your Playing To The Next Level for Just $49:

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