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Technique Meets Musicality
with Evan Taucher

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"Technique Meets Musicality"

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Secrets for Warming Up Musically

Ever wondered if there is a "right way" to warm up - one that sets up the rest of your practice time for success? Well, there is! And Evan will show you exactly how in this Exclusive Workshop.

Evan's Favorite and Most Impactful Exercises

Evan will open up his years of experience and show you exactly what exercises he uses to be his best musical self. These exercises truly will transform your playing!

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Meet The Artist:

Evan Taucher

American classical guitarist Evan Taucher is making a statement in the classical guitar world by establishing himself as a performer and educator both onstage and online.

Taucher has enjoyed performing concerts across the United States and Europe, most recently performing and teaching in the 2019 at GuitarSarasota’s Concert Series, Grand Rapids International Artist Series, Madison Classical Guitar Series, the famous Palacio del Portalet in Alicante, Spain as well as in Valencia, Spain at the Florida State University campus.

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